Congressman Stanton Supports Rebuilding Our Communities by Keeping aggregates Stustainable (ROCKS) ACT

Phoenix, Arizona – Stone, sand and gravel is an essential raw material found in every home, building, road, bridge and public works project. And, although over 22,000 pounds of aggregates are used by every man, women and child in America, many people have no understanding of where these products originate, and the lengths producers go [...]

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Circulate the love

We are excited to partner with the American Red Cross February 16, 2018 to launch the first of what we hope will be many blood drives. We’ll be working together to give back to the community in a truly life-changing way since each donation we collect can save up to three lives.  There are many [...]

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CA88 supporting Project CURE

The Arizona rock products association supports Project CURE in helping to provide medical supplies, medication and toiletries for needy communities internationally. As one of many make a difference projects staff have been involved in, we are assembling care packages for those less fortunate.

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